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With multiple solutions to choose from, we can customize an accurate payroll processing solution that will save money, lower your burden and help your business to grow. Integrated with the PRISMHR management platform, Afinida offers one of the most complete and robust payroll solutions on the market.

Looking for a better way to pay your employees?

The friendly Team at Escondido-based Afinida is committed to providing a professional and reliable experience for small to mid-sized companies in the San Marcos, CA. area, and beyond!


Running a business requires tireless focus and strong attention to detail. Let the team at Afinida take an important aspect of your business off your mind with our payroll management services. Our small business payroll services can help streamline the process of paying your employees and ensure that they are paid exactly what they are owed.

Our skilled payroll specialists utilize the latest in payroll technology to eliminate human errors that can come with tackling payroll by yourself as a small business owner. We are eager to help your business thrive with our small business payroll services. To learn more and see how our services can help, give us a call today at 858-754-8139. We look forward to connecting with you on a professional and personal level so that your business can thrive.

Our customers love Afinida. Real people, coast to coast.

Direct Deposit Solutions

Payroll Management

Direct Deposit,
Pay-Cards, and Paychecks. Processed accurately and
on time!

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Direct Deposit Solutions

Garnishment Services

We’ll handle your garnishment process and make payments electronically when available

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Cloud-Based Software

Process payroll anywhere, with the power of PRISMHR The perfect web solution in addition to our personalized service.

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Direct Deposit Solutions

Onboarding & New Hires

Onboard anywhere in the US!
Easily manage your new hiring reporting with Afinida.

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Direct Deposit Solutions

W2 Processing

We handle the processing of W2 and provide 24/7 access through our employee portal.

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Welcome to a better way of doing payrollImprove Profitability & Company EfficienciesOn-time and accurate payroll is achieved with a fully-integrated HR, scheduling and payroll solution.

Why Companies Choose Afinida?

Optimize Your Payroll Processes 〉

Companies can see additional revenue per year by streamlining their payroll processing.

Why Companies Choose Afinida?

Improve Company Efficiencies 〉

By partnering with Afinida, we may help you avoid small payroll mistakes that can have big consequences.

Why Companies Choose Afinida?

Prioritize the Core of Your Business 〉

Devote more time to growing your business.

WHY DON’T YOU GIVE US A TRY?Switch today, get 3 payroll cycles free...

We are so confident that you’ll love us, we’re willing to waive your first 3 payroll cycle fees! That’s right, make the switch to Afinida today and get your first 3 payroll cycle fees completely on us.

Small Business Solutions

Operating or growing a business isn’t easy, and managing your payroll can add to the stress. Our dedicated small business payroll specialists are here to help you at every turn and will work with you to find the right solution.

Payroll Solutions for Large Businesses

Payroll is not a “one-size-fits-all” scenario. At Afinida, our Team of experts will develop a best-in-class payroll solution for your business, no matter the size of your employee base.

Companies That Love Afinida

Happy clients who have switched their payroll

“We have utilized the services of Afinida for our payroll processing for close to 4 years. We appreciate having a single point of contact for all of our payroll needs. Our payroll tech Hope is amazing. She handles all of our requests with ease and understanding, which as a staffing company is very much needed with last minute submittals and amendments a common occurrence! All requests are responded to in a timely manner with great attention to detail and accuracy, resulting in a smooth payroll process for our team and our associates.”

Pauline Gourdie

CEO, CSL Staffing

“Working with Afinida has been a great experience since day one. The support specialists are knowledgeable and pay close attention to the often changing details of our payroll processing. They are easy to get a hold of and quickly respond to questions or concerns as they arise. We appreciate the support Afinida provides to our company and highly recommend them!”


Arborworks, Downers Grove, IL

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