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What to Expect When Switching Payroll Providers

In the dynamic world of business, staying agile and efficient is paramount, especially when it pertains to functions as vital as payroll.

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The Integral Role of Payroll in Employee Satisfaction and Retention

For those in charge of payroll responsibilities, payroll might appear as just another administrative function. Yet, its influence goes beyond mere transactional processes.

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Payroll for Remote Workers: Navigating Taxes and Compliance

The 21st century has seen a massive shift in the way we work. Remote work, which was once a privilege offered to a few, has now become the norm for many businesses.

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How to Handle Payroll for Temporary and Seasonal Employees

Payroll management is a complex yet vital aspect of any business. When it comes to managing temporary and seasonal employees, there are unique challenges and specific considerations that employers must be aware of.

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Understanding the Impact of Payroll on Cash Flow Management

In the multifaceted realm of business finance, the relationship between payroll and cash flow is both crucial and often underestimated.

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The Impact of Overtime Laws on Payroll

In the financial fabric of a company, payroll stands out as a vital yet complex thread. Ensuring that every employee is compensated fairly, accurately, and punctually is a delicate task.

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Payroll Fraud: How to Detect and Prevent it in Your Business

Payroll fraud is a silent yet perilous menace that can erode the financial foundations of a business. Each year, countless businesses fall victim to various types of payroll fraud, causing significant financial losses and damaging their reputation.

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The Hidden Costs of Inefficient Payroll Processing

In the rapidly evolving business world, many companies overlook a crucial area that could lead to substantial hidden costs: their payroll processing.

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How a Payroll Service Partner Can Help Your Business Stay Compliant with Tax Laws

Operating a business in today’s fast-paced environment involves several challenges, not the least of which are the complex realms of payroll processing and tax compliance.

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In-house Payroll vs Outsourcing: A Detailed Comparative Analysis and the Afinida Advantage

Choosing between handling payroll in-house or outsourcing it is a significant decision for businesses of all sizes. Each option presents a different set of benefits, challenges, and costs.



Trucept Inc. Announces the Launch of Afinida Marketing, a New Cutting-Edge Marketing Subsidiary

Trucept Inc. a leading provider of comprehensive business solutions, proudly announces today the establishment of its new marketing subsidiary, Afinida Marketing.

Afinida Announces Record Payroll Processing Revenue

Afinida, a subsidiary of Trucept Inc. (OTC Pink: TREP) today announced that the company reached a new milestone of $5 million in weekly payroll processing. The increase is the result of ongoing growth in it’s payroll processing and services division.


Learn the Top 5 Small Business Pain Points

Learn the Top 5 Small Business Pain Points

Payroll is a critical component of every business, and it can be an incredibly time-consuming and complicated process. Small businesses, in particular, face unique challenges when it comes to managing payroll, often due to limited resources and expertise. In this blog post, we will explore what are the 5 main small business pain points that SMBs face, and offer some tips on how to overcome these challenges.

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