Apr 2, 2020 | COVID-19 Updates

Dear Client,

The entire team at AFINIDA is committed to provide you with clear and simple guidance and support during these difficult times. We have added a COVID-19 NEWS link on our website,, which provides up to date information at both the state and federal levels.

Upon request, we will assign you a single point of contact at AFINIDA to assist you with the SBA loans that are available, including the Paycheck Protection Program.

Moreover, we are pleasantly surprised not only that our clients are stable, but also many of our clients are growing right now with our services that your company may or may not be utilizing:

  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Human resources administration and management
  • Safety and risk management
  • Employee benefits and administration
  • Accounting support
  • Marketing and technology services

An AFINIDA representative will call you to make sure that your company is benefiting from all that AFINIDA has to offer.

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